Sam Green bespoke order

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Sam Green bespoke order

Regular price £275.00

Bespoke spinning ring for Sam Green. Customer has been measured off site by a private jeweller to a ring size Q, Sam has confirmed this ring size via email. 

Sterling silver hammered texture base (approx base depth of 18mm) with a wavy edge, made with three spinning bands, one thicker band with feather detail to hold ashes held in a bespoke waved setting with a pale green clear peridot and a moonstone. With a combination of silver and copper twisted spinners above and below the main ashes feather band.


Customer is aware the combination of spinners/layout is subject to change as the design progresses allowing for movement throughout the design to fit to bespoke design standards. All changes will be discussed with Sam before completion.

Ashes still to be recieved at the Boutique.