Designer Profile


My name is Victoria Walker, I'm the creative force and Manager of the company and I've been involved in the Jewellery industry since 2002, during this time I've had the pleasure of designing and creating lots of beautiful collections for brides and boutiques throughout the UK and in 2012 I launched my first Jewellery Boutique in Farsley, Leeds-
The Victoria Walker Boutique
I'm a self-taught artisan...
This means I use my hands to create all of my jewellery- there's no heavy machines involved which enables me to create all of my designs right here at the Boutique!  
The shop is my workshop, this gives you the chance to see all of the different coloured materials, crystals and metals I can use to make your chosen piece....
Some products can even be made while you wait and you can watch them being created right in front of you!
I taught myself the actual craft of putting the jewellery together, mostly from reading books and online articles; then trying the basic functions for myself. The advantages of being self-taught are that I have no preconceptions or received opinions about the rules of jewellery. I know that everything is possible, as it is in all fields. 
I've always been determined to create bespoke accessories that give my customers quality materials & unique professional designs, with an efficient and friendly service. After getting married in 2012 I know all too well that your wedding day should be as unique as you are, that's why I offer a complimentary bespoke design service for all Brides to be, ensuring one-off personal pieces for you and your big day.
I realise that the whole process can be a little daunting not knowing where to start or what style to go for, therefore bringing along a photo of your dress or even a picture of how you'd like your hair on the day of your consultation is a great way for me to start the whole design process for you.
The majority of my Bridal designs are created after seeing a photo of your wedding dress, there are many samples for you to try on here at the Boutique but each piece is always individually tailored to specifically suit you and your gown.
The Launch of the Boutique in 2012 has given me the opportunity to meet more Brides and to expand my jewellery and accessories range- I now have five jewellery designers showcasing their work at the Boutique too....
But it's not all about Bridal! I also have a wide range of Bespoke sterling silver and gold work, so there really is something to suit everyone's taste!
Since being a child I have always loved tinkering with jewellery (mainly my Mums...sorry Mum) and collecting stones, gems, crystals and sparkly things, so that love aligns well with idea of bending and shaping metal for Bridal pieces and adding a touch of sparkle here and there
My real passion, is for vintage accessories....
I love creating Bespoke bridal accessories using vintage brooches- there's something so special about using pieces that have already had a lifetime of love from people close to you, it adds a real unique sentimental vibe to your jewellery and its the perfect way to include those special people in the celebrations who can't be with you in person on your big day...
Jewellery making has always been a particularly fulfilling job for me- maybe it’s because we wear our favorite jewellery on our body and keep it close to us, we lock it up at night or we pass it on to our children- either way, I love that it means something special to us as individuals and It makes an impression on us in a very unique way...
Seeing the end result and the look on a customers face when I open the box to show them their finished accessories for the first time is what makes my job worthwhile- tears of joy and excitement about becoming a bride in just a few weeks is one of the most exciting moments to witness..... Who wouldn't love this job?!
.....I genuinely love what I do and I hope you do too!