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Silver coated petal

This is a unique and beautiful way to preserve your wedding, memorial, anniversary or other special flowers.
Simply send me one of the flowers or a single petal from your bouquet or special flower arrangement and I'll coat it in sterling silver as a keepsake!

You can then have your silver petal added to a small white frame, or an 18" sterling silver chain


Can it be done with any petal? Yes, here at VWB we can coat any petal or leaf in sterling silver- big or small...

I get married in three weeks and I know I definitely want this done, whats the best way to dry the rose out before I send it to you? You can either hang the flower upside down or simply remove a few petals (being careful not to tear them) and lay it on top of some kitchen roll or tissue until they are dry and crispy.

I got married over a month ago, can it still be done? Yes! The older the better, when coating leaves and petals as they need to be completely dry, this can take weeks. As long as the petal is still whole and not cracked or torn it doesn't matter how old it is

My petals/leaves are curled up now on the edges does this matter? Not at all, every petal and leaf is different and in terms of the finished product the vainy ones and leaves with curls on the end usually look the best! 

I'd like it done, but i'm not sure whether i'd like it on a pendant or in a frame! Don't worry, you can take your time, its a long process to coat the petals and leaves and if you're still not sure we can coat it in silver then decide at a later date whether to add it to a frame or add a tiny hoop to the end to add it to a necklace. 

I had gypsophila as my flowers, can you use this? Yes, the process is slightly different and this tends to look better when made into stud earrings rather than a pendant- but anything is possible; and here at VWB we love a design challenge so please get in touch!

I don't live locally to the Boutique. Whats the best way to send it to you? We have some special deep plastic boxes that we can happily send out for you- or alternatively, add your flower/petals to a deep box surrounded in bubble wrap or protective packaging and send them in the post.

Is it real silver? Yes! We coat the petals and leaves in approximately 15 layers of pure sterling silver.


Any more questions? Then just get in touch with Victoria via email or call the Boutique on 0113 8083070.

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