Mexican Bola Pendant

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Mexican Bola Pendant

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The Mexican Bola also known as The Harmony ball, or Angel Chime is the perfect gift for Mums to be –it is a chiming pendant traditionally worn by pregnant women to bond with their unborn babies. Worn low over Mummy’s growing bump from around 20 weeks pregnant, the soft tinkling chime of the pendant is said to gently serenade and soothe baby as Mum goes about her daily life. As time goes by the chime will become familiar to your baby and is said to help comfort, reassure and relax them in the womb. This understanding stays with the baby and once they are born, the bola's chime can again be used to gently settle and soothe by wearing the pendant around your neck, attaching it to a car seat or even hanging the pendant above a nursery cot. A simple idea really which goes back hundreds years, but one that’s still cherished by Mums all over the world today...

Bola Pendants are available on either a long brown hemp cord, long sterling silver curb chain. Shorter 16" chains are also available for after baby is born...

Does mum-to-be already know the sex of her baby? Simply drop us an email to and we can change your hemp cord to a pink or blue one at no extra charge!